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We also provide Homeshare services in London and surrounding areas. This service is suitable for someone who need very little help at home or overnight security. Careaid specialises in placing live-in Homesharers or live-out Visitors with Homeowners.

What is Homeshare?

Homeshare is a concept that helps someone who needs a little help on a daily basis to live independently in their own home. Usually they are accompanied by someone in need of accommodation and will be available to fulfil the small needs of the house owner. This facilitates two people to resolve their problem of housing needs and the need of help at home, company or overnight security. Those who need help at home called “Householder” and those who are willing to help called “Homesharer”.

Homesharer will live in the house almost free of cost and in return he/she will help out around the house; including providing accompany, cleaning, shopping, other household tasks, preparing meals and so on. Usually a young student or someone with modest earning becomes a ‘Homesharer’.

Homesharing is making a noteworthy contribution to the support needs of many older people. Homesharing has enriched the lives of householders and Homesharers in a similar way.

How it works?

The Householder usually offers a bedroom with shared or separate bathroom and kitchen facilities for free of charge.

The Homesharer in return provides 10 hours pre agreed household works like companionship cooking, cleaning, Ironing, shopping, gardening, etc. Homesharer spend 5 to 6 nights per week in that accommodation. They are free to work or study in their own time.


Who benefits from Homeshare?

Initially the reason behind Homeshare was to support older people to help them to stay at their own house independently. The main beneficiaries are:

  • » On average householders age ranges from 50s to well over 90s. Although mostly in their 80s.
  • » Mostly they live alone and want some company. However sometimes they might have family living with them.
  • » Some of the people have other carers to help them with their personal care.
  • » Homesharers can generally be students and want to spend some time to help others.
  • » This also helps the Homesharers to live in a safe and low cost accommodation.

What does the Homeshare involve?

Householders offer a low cost accommodation to Homesharers in return for ten hours of help each week. There is a small administration fee to pay to Careaid who will arrange to match a Homeshare with a Householder.

  • » Majority of the householders need help with day to day tasks like shopping, cooking or cleaning
  • » Also the householders want some companionship
  • » There are a lot of householders, who want the sense of safety and security at home and having someone over in the house gives them that.

Homeshares are encouraged to continue with their day time occupation, but they will have to sleep in the house six nights out of seven. The minimum time for homesharing is six months.

Our role?

We find potential Householders and Homesharers.

  • » We arrange comprehensive interviews for both Householders and Homesharer also visit Householders to carry out initial assessment.
  • » We carry out enhanced DBS check and obtain at least two references for Homesharers.
  • » We match appropriate Householders and Homesharers according to the similar interests.
  • » We prepare Homeshare agreement for both Householders and Homesharers.
  • » We provide support and training for the Homesharers so that they understand their role and duties.
  • » We provide ongoing support for both Householder and Homesharer. Also monitor and review in a regular basis to ensure that the match is successful.


Area We Cover

At the moment Careaid Homeshare operates in London and surrounding areas with the aim of extending services to all over the UK.

Who pays?

The householders and Homesharers both pay an £100 each per month to us for our administrative costs. The Homesharers may require sharing the additional utility & household bill.

Can a Homesharer provide personal care?

Homesharers are not able to provide personal care.

More information:

For more Information on Homeshare Service please contact our dedicated team on 02034172630 / 02038134690 or info@careaid.co.uk, we will be more than happy to help with your query.